Welcome to the wonderful world of competitive steak cooking events.

The American Competitive Steak Association is your go to recourse for all things competitive steak.

Our goal is to provide the best experiences possible for teams, judges and the public to enjoy all the wonders that competitive cooking competitions can be.


What is the ACSA?
American Competitive Steak Association (ACSA) sanctions grilling competitions across the U.S. and promotes steak.

How does ACSA sanction a STEAK competition?
ACSA provides trained representatives along with a standardized set of rules for each contest. We also provide access to specially trained certified judges.

How does someone become an ACSA member?
Anyone can sign up online at www.acsa.us to become a member. Members enjoy discounts and special offers. Membership is only $35 per year.

How does someone become an ACSA Certified Judge?
Anyone can attend one of the official judging classes conducted by ACSA each year throughout the country. A list of classes can be found on the ACSA website www.acsa.us.

What types of food competitions does ACSA sanction?
ACSA sanctioned events feature ribeye steaks as the main category can include any additional categories as well.

Where is the ACSA located?
The ACSA headquarters is located at: P.O. Box 16955 Columbus, OH 43216.